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        North Refineries Company is the biggest refining company among the ministry of oil companies. The company have a capability of refining a total of (402 000) BPSD.
The company established according to ministry of law no. 101 in 1976 and at that time the company was administrated by the “State Company of Oil and Gas”
In 1997 the a companies’ law no. 22 was issued and the name become “NORTH REFINERIES COMPANY NRC / Public company”
The company has the following refineries and facilities.

2.SALAHUDIN | (70000).
3.SALAHUDIN || (70000).
4.LUBE PLANT (two trains): 125000 Ton of different lube stocks per train.
5. Packaging an loading arms Facilities.

The company produce different kind of product viz. unleaded gasoline , illuminating kerosene, ATK , diesel, lube oil product, spindle oil ,transformer oil, Asphalt, sulfur, LPG, RT … etc.
The company has also small packages unit all of them powered by the NRC administration which is as follows:
1.Kirkuk Refinery (30 000 BPSD).
2.KASAK Refinery (10 000 BPSD).
3.Sininya Refinery (20 000 BPSD).
4.Hadeetha Refinery (16 000 BPSD).
5.Qayara Refinery (16 000 BPSD).